Hello world ! I'm not a musician. A bit retrogamer and collector, I make stuff for chiptune and demoscene on Atari ST, Game Boy, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Amiga, MT32, Renoise. I'm a member of the demoscene group Brainstorm. My first computer was an Amstrad CPC in 1989 ♥ For more, check :

- Soundcloud for the latest tunes
- Flickr for my photo galleries : chiptune artists shot at various festivals
- Facebook for infos / pictures, list of upcoming chip parties and demoparties
- Below for the list of past and upcoming chip shows

Contact : ultrasyd@gmail.com
Booking : booking@brainstorm-brs.com

From october 2013 to august 2014, you can discover my work in an exhibition at the Cité des Sciences (Paris) : Jeux Vidéo, l'Expo. One screen is dedicated to some domains, more or less amateur, linked to video games or video games systems, like game jam sessions, contemporary art, speedruns, parodies, cosplay, retrogaming, e-sports, mods ... and also demoscene and chiptune. It features a video of Revision 2011 and my demoscene mates, and an extract from my Blip Tokyo liveset, courtesy of Jeriaska (http://www.nubuwo.com/).

I use gear provided by Razer, the cool brand that produces great devices for gamers : mouses, mouse mat, head sets, keyboards. You can hear some of my Atari music in their videos. RAZER
I'm happy to collaborate with the designer Axel Pfaender, creator of the Berlin Boombox. Have you ever wished to be able to play on streets with your Game Boy, without having to use a heavy amp and being pluged to power ? Or to have speakers almost as light as your chiptune gear that you can bring everywhere very easily ?
The Berlin Boombox is a mobile speaker inspired by the old school ghettoblasters of the 1980s. It's made from cardboard and flat packed as a DIY kit, but able to deliver a good and quite powerful sound to your smartphone ... or your retro chiptune hardware! Assembly is easy, glue-free, tool-free and takes only a couple of minutes. I'm in love with that awesome concept - it's eco-friendly. No need of expensive expensive stuff and top notch DJ laptop to run a party. Recycle your old gaming devices, and hook it up with cardboard ghettoblaster :)

News - 2013 oct. 20th
: I updated the website a bit, finally (ctrl + F5) ! From now I'll put the latest tune here, with a link to Soundcloud. A few pictures from Flickr in the "PHOTOS" section. That's all ... ah and yeah, I'll release an album probably, 100% oldschool Atari STe and maybe a bit of Game Boy :) Got a few ideas. Might take some time to be completed. Maybe for christmas or early 2014 ! Stay tuned, and thanks for the support !

Upcoming shows


Past shows

19/05/2011 Blip Festival 2011 New York, Eyebeam USA FACEBOOK - PICTURES
26/05/2011 VIP 2011 Thoissey (01) France PICTURES
17/06/2011 Private Party Heimsbrunn (68) France  
26/08/2011 Demodays / Buenzli 20 Olten Switzerland  
23/09/2011 Supergalactic Microparty Le Volume, Nice France PICTURES
24/09/2011 Bit'em Up Kult-Arena, Kehrsatz/Bern Switzerland PICTURES
30/09/2011 EINDBAAS 7 Open Stage Kargadoor, Utrecht The Netherlands FACEBOOK - PICTURES
24/02/2012 Demos in Paris Batofar, Paris France  
03/03/2012 Obsoleet Microparty Bar l'Aventure, Mulhouse France PICTURES
17/03/2012 EponYme en Orbit Noumatrouff, Mulhouse France FACEBOOK - PICTURES - VIDEO
13/04/2012 Eindbaas 9 Popodium Ekko, Utrecht The Netherlands  
21/04/2012 Private Party Köln Germany  
28/04/2012 Comment tu ch'appelles Mulhouse France  
24/05/2012 Innovons,partageons, piratons La Perestroïka, Strasbourg France  
01/09/2012 Demodays / Buenzli 21 Olten Switzerland  
05/09/2012 Main October Splash Avignon France  
20/10/2012 Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 Tokyo Japan PICTURES
28/12/2012 Eindbaas Circus LVC, Leiden The Netherlands PICTURES
25/01/2013 Tiki B-day Bar l'Aventure, Mulhouse France  
26/04/2013 A Maze festival Urban Spree, Berlin Germany PICTURES
27/04/2013 Sunfest IX Rennes France PICTURES
03/05/2013 Ultrachip 2013 Banshee Lab., Edinburgh Scotland
08/06/2013 8Static 36 PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia USA PICTURES
15/06/2013 Toy Company Foonzo, Montreal Canada PICTURES
22/06/2013 I/O Chipmusic NYC Rabbithole Studios, NYC USA PICTURES
16/08/2013 PixelArt Graff Challenge Le Palace, Bartenheim France  
13/09/2013 Superbytes 2013 Manchester UK PICTURES
26/10/2013 Retro Gaming Conenxion 2013 Meaux France PICTURES
09/11/2013 Silly Venture Atari demoparty Gdansk Poland  
31/01/2013 Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde Paris France  

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